Cozumel Beaches are the best in the world!

Cozumel Beaches
Cozumel Beaches

Cozumel beaches are some of the best in the world. They feature warm 80 degree water, soft sand, and clear water. There are palm trees everywhere. Most of the most popular Cozumel beaches are called beach clubs.

There is typically a fee for the beach clubs but the fee is worth every penny. Where else can you enjoy 80-90 degree weather, beautiful beaches, and have food and drinks brought right to your lounge chair on the beach. Many of the Cozumel beach clubs have lots of palm trees overhead and thatched umbrellas to help keep sunburns from ruining your vacation. Cozumel beaches are really incredible!

Cozumel Beaches Fees and Options

The fees vary from approximately $20 to as high as $80 per person. Many of the beach clubs include food and drinks in the fee. There are often multiple options for what type of fee you have to pay. For example some Cozumel beach clubs may have a small entrance fee with a minimum food and drink purchase. Others may include the food and drink in your fee which will of course make the fee significantly higher. Generally the drinks are pretty good and some of the food is pretty good.

Bottled Water and Ice

Make sure you drink bottled water and ask if their ice is made from purified water. Most of the larger beach clubs bring in their ice already made with purified water.

Cozumel Beaches
Cozumel Beaches

Most Popular Beach Clubs

Some of the most popular Cozumel Beaches are Paradise Beach Club(, and Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club.( Mr. Sancho’s has a higher upfront fee that includes everything while Paradise Beach Club has the lower upfront fee but you have to buy a minimum amount of food and drink. Paradise Beach had less people but not as good as service while Mr. Sancho’s had a lot of people but much better service. Either way you can’t go wrong.

Cozumel beaches are lots of fun. There is nothing better then sand, sun, warm water, and palm trees.

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