Cozumel Scuba Diving

How do you plan a trip to do Cozumel scuba diving?

The key components of a successful Cozumel scuba diving trip are the scuba diving company, the airfare, and the hotel.



There are multiple options on airfare to Cozumel.  Cozumel does have an airport. They have daily flights from multiple U.S. cities including Miami and Dallas.  The cost of the airfare is a little higher but when you compare the “total” cost of flying into Cancun it is typically about the same price.  You are able to get more flight options into and out of Cancun, but it adds a taxi or shuttle fare and the time to drive to Playa Del Carmen.  Once you arrive at Playa Del Carmen you need to pay for a ferry to take you to Cozumel.  Make sure you take into account the cost of the drive from Cancun and the ferry to Cozumel in your cost comparison with just flying right into Cozumel.  Every time I have done the comparison it makes sense to fly right to Cozumel.


Cozumel Scuba Diving Hotel

Cozumel is like any place you go to in Mexico.  You can go to an all-inclusive hotel and pay a lot of money and have a great experience.  Cozumel also has quite a few dive motels and hotels.  They vary widely in price and quality.  You can get a motel for as low as $25 a night all the way up to an all-inclusive that costs more than $400 a night.  Finally, pay attention to the location of the hotel.  If you want to be in the middle of where the majority of the stores and restaurants are you need to find a hotel close to the downtown.  I recommend using Trip Advisor and reading the reviews.


Scuba Diving Company

The best way to choose the right Cozumel scuba diving company is to look on a site like Trip Advisor.  It is much easier than looking at each scuba diving companies website and then trying to compare them.  I have my personal favorites that I have highlighted in several of my other posts.  I’ll make one recommendation.  Use Scuba Tony’s because they are really good.  They only take a small number of people out at a time, they are very experienced, and they provide incredible service.  If you want to look at other options read the reviews on Trip Advisor.  

Good luck, and happy Cozumel scuba diving!



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